System Sustainment Programs

Orion Security Solutions (OSS) has quickly become the integrator of choice for maintaining elite security, surveillance, and low voltage systems. OSS is pleased to provide the industry’s best service and support through various its System Sustainment Programs (SSPs). OSS has flexible solutions for various types of customer needs and budgets.

The SSPs are designed to offer existing and new customers a flexible set of options to meet their needs and budgets. OSS can customize any program. The SSPs are well-structured and comprehensive. All SSPs offer exceptional benefits. The SSPs provide exceptional service and preventative maintenance for customers regardless if OSS performed the system installation or if that was performed by a competitor.

OSS strongly believes in protecting our client's investments. Technical security, surveillance, and network systems are no different than other technology-based systems in that they need to be properly maintained to ensure efficient functionality, increase the life expectancy of the equipment, and prevent system malfunctions. While many companies emphasize the initial system sale and then are hard to reach for service, OSS's philosophy is that our relationship with each client will be determined by the quality of support we provide after the initial installation. OSS understands it is in everyone's best interest to have cost effective Maintenance and Service Programs in place and to execute them flawlessly.