Network Structured Cabling

Cable infrastructure is an important part of any technical or network system installation. Information technology (IT) systems are a prime example of systems that require a great deal of cable. Network structured cabling includes all the necessary cable, patch panels, wall jacks, and related equipment for connecting end devices to the network switches.

Unprofessional structured cabling installations are sloppy, disorganized, and difficult to maintain. Many of these installations don’t have a logical cable labeling system. Orion Security Solutions (OSS) excels in providing properly installed network structured cabling infrastructure, which provides tremendous advantages.

OSS’s process of delivering a neat network structured cabling project begins at the planning phase. The projects are conceptually completed before any cable is actually installed to ensure organization. Many decisions such as cable color, types of racks and panels, use of cable management accessories, label styles, and layout are made prior to beginning the installation.