Employee and Background Screening

Orion Security Solutions (OSS) provides pre-employment and background screening solutions powered by Shield Screening Shield Screening Logofor a cutting-edge technology experience.

  1. Enter data quicker and with fewer errors.
  2. Get candidates to e-sign for more efficiency and less paperwork.
  3. Digitally submit copy requests to candidates when they apply.
  4. Allow candidates to file disputes and repair erroneous information.
  5. Stay and feel safe with the highest-rated data protection available.

To begin, visit https://screening.orionsecuritysolutions.com/

Core Products

  SSN Trace   Nationwide Criminal/Sex Offender Search
  Employee Credit Report   Global Watchlist
  MVR Report   Professional References
  Federal Criminal Search   International Criminal Records
  State Criminal Search   International Credit Reports
  County Criminal Search   International Education Verification
  International Criminal Search   Personal Reference Report
  Health Services Screening   Employment Verification Report
  Drug & Alcohol Testing   Education Verification Report
  Breathe Alcohol Testing   Professional License Report
  Sex Offender Screening   FACIS III®