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Zero Trust Research Reveals Nearly Half of All Security Leaders Do Not Believe They Will Be Breached Despite Increasing

Industry-first report finds zero trust segmentation eliminates 5 cyber disasters per year and saves $20+ million annually.

Help Organizations to Mitigate Risk in Microsoft 365 with 'Vectra Protect'

Vectra offers a free of charge security assessment for your cloud tenant.

Ordr Secures $40 Million in Series C Funding to Answer Increased Demand for Connected Device Security

Rising threat of data breaches and ransomware attacks drives need for complete and accurate real-time information about devices and their risks.

StorCentric Launches Nexsan EZ-NAS -Network-Attached Storage for SMBs and Enterprise Edge Deployments

EZ-NAS also provides add-on data backup, cloud connector and ransomware anomaly detection.

Distinguishing AI Hype From Reality in SecOps

AI and ML are important SecOps tools, but human involvement is still required.

3.6M MySQL Servers Found Exposed Online

Researchers from Shadowserver recommend removing the servers from the Internet to shrink external attack surface.

Surefire Cyber Launches to Help Cyber Insurance Ecosystem from Response to Resilience, with $10 Million in Funding by Fo

Industry veterans roll out end-to-end incident response services and innovative tech-enabled platform, following successful incubation.

New Microsoft Zero-Day Attack Underway

"Follina" vulnerability in Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) affects all currently supported Windows versions and can be triggered via specially crafted Office documents.

Biometric Data Offers Added Security — But Don't Lose Sight of These Important Risks

With rising fraud, businesses are seeking authentication methods that are security- and user-friendly. But with that comes a few complications.

Fewer DDoS Attacks in 2021, Still Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

New research finds a rise in TCP acknowledgement (ACK) DDoS attacks, which rely on a smaller amount of traffic to disrupt targets.

New CyberCatch Research Discovers Alarming Increase in Cyber Vulnerabilities for Small and Medium Sized Businesses in US

For the first time, CyberCatch's SMBVR detected significant vulnerability to 'session riding' attacks among North American SMBs.

How to Keep Your Enterprise Safe From Digital Supply Chain Attacks

Digital supply chains are more vulnerable than ever; here's what you need to do to secure them.

6 Steps to Ensure Cyber Resilience

To minimize the impact of cyber incidents, organizations must be pragmatic and develop a strategy of resilience for dealing with break-ins, advanced malware, and data theft.

Critical OAS Bugs Open Industrial Systems to Takeover

The most serious flaw gives attackers a way to remotely execute code on systems that many organizations use to move data in critical ICS environments, security vendor says.

Exposed Kubernetes Clusters, Kubelet Ports Can Be Abused in Cyberattacks

Organizations must ensure their kubelets and related APIs aren’t inadvertently exposed or lack proper access control, offering an easy access point for malicious actors.

Space Force Expands Cyber Defense Operations

Space Force's Delta 6 cyber-defense group adds squadrons, updates legacy Satellite Control Network.

Scammer Behind $568M International Cybercrime Syndicate Gets 4 Years

The 14th defendant behind The Infraud Organization contraband marketplace has been sentenced, this time for one count of racketeering.

New Chaos Malware Variant Ditches Wiper for Encryption

The Chaos ransomware-builder was known for creating destructor malware that overwrote files and made them unrecoverable -- but the new Yashma version finally generates binaries that can encrypt files of all sizes.