Dark Reading

Chinese APT Targets Telcos in 5G-Related Cyber-Espionage Campaign

Telemetry suggests that threat actor behind Operation Dianxun is Mustang Panda, McAfee says.

IronNet Cybersecurity to Go Public in Merger

Company intends for the deal to drive adoption of its Collective Defense Platform.

Microsoft Releases Mitigation Tool for On-Premises Exchange Servers

The tool, developed for organizations without dedicated IT and security teams, is meant to be used as temporary mitigation.

Best Practices for Securing Service Accounts

While service accounts solve many of the challenges presented by automation, they can also create serious problems when it comes to cybersecurity.

Software Development Security Firm Argon Announces Launch

Check Point founder Shlomo Kramer is one of the firm's investors.

Metasploit Creator HD Moore's New Startup Raises $5M

Startup Rumble enters major new phase with venture capital investment led by Cisco-backed fund as well as big-name security entrepreneurs.

Combating Call Center Fraud in the Age of COVID

With many agents now working from home, call centers require new technology, new processes, and a new way of thinking about security.

DDoS's Evolution Doesn't Require a Security Evolution

They may have grown in sophistication, with more widespread consequences, yet today's distributed denial-of-service attacks can still be fought with conventional tools.

Buffalo Public Schools Cancel Classes Due to Ransomware

The FBI is investigating the March 12 attack that disrupted the school system's phased reopening this week.

CISA Updates Microsoft Exchange Advisory to Include China Chopper

US officials warn organizations of China Chopper Web shells as new data sheds light on how the Exchange Server exploits have grown.

Lookout Acquires SASE Cloud Provider CipherCloud

Deal signals a focus on the cloud for mobile security firm.

Name That Toon: Something Seems Afoul

Dark Reading's March cartoon caption contest is here, along with a few new feathered friends.

How to Choose the Right Cybersecurity Framework

Cybersecurity frameworks can help reduce your risk of supply chain attacks and increase your competitive advantage.

Verkada Breach Demonstrates Danger of Overprivileged Users

In re-evaluating supply chains, companies should classify vendors with super admin privileges to devices or backdoors as a significant threat.

Concerns Over API Security Grow as Attacks Increase

Some 66% of organizations say they have slowed deploying an app into production because of API security concerns.

Agent Tesla Upgrades with New Delivery & Evasion Tactics

A new version of the remote access Trojan targets Microsoft Anti-Malware Software Interface to bypass endpoint detection.

Law Enforcement Aims to Take Down Netwalker Ransomware

The Department of Justice has so far charged one Canadian national and seized nearly $500,000 in relation to Netwalker ransomware.

Virtual Pen-Testing Competition Tasks College Students With Running a Red Team Operation

Aimed at developing offensive cyber talent, last weekend's sixth annual Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition brought out some of the brightest from RIT and Stanford, among other universities.

Bringing Zero Trust to Secure Remote Access

Demand for secure remote access has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Here Omdia profiles more secure alternatives to virtual private network (VPN) technology.

How to Build Cyber Resilience in a Dangerous Atmosphere

Our polarized climate and COVID-19 are putting the nation's cybersecurity in imminent danger, and it's past time to act.