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How to Ensure Cybersecurity Investments Remain a Priority Across Your Organization

Collaboration across all business units is key to building a robust cybersecurity program.

2023 Will See Renewed Focus on Quantum Computing

Adopting post-quantum cryptography is something that has been discussed for years; it's time for organizations to get to work.

Cyberattackers Torch Python Machine Learning Project

The popular PyTorch Python project for data scientists and machine learning developers has become the latest open source project to be targeted with a dependency confusion attack.

WordPress Sites Under Attack from Newly Found Linux Trojan

Researchers who discovered the backdoor Linux malware say it may have been around for more than three years — and it targets 30+ plug-in bugs.

Holiday Spirit? LockBit Gives Children's Hospital Free Decryptor

The Russian-speaking cybercrime gang said an affiliate violated its rules against attacks that could lead to bodily harm for medical patients.

Raspberry Robin Worm Hatches a Highly Complex Upgrade

The Evil Corp-linked malware family has undergone an evolution, becoming more obfuscated and "several times more complex," as the group behind it tests how far the worm can be spread.

Chinese 'RedZei' Group Batters Victims With Incessant Vishing Effort

The cybercriminals switch up carriers and SIM cards regularly, making it difficult for either mobile users or telecom companies to block the barrage of malicious calls and voicemails.

Name That Edge Toon: The Upside Down

Come up with a clever caption, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.

Are Meta and Twitter Ushering in a New Age of Insider Threats?

The era of digital trust is broken, and constant vigilance is needed to get things back on track.

Black Hat Flashback: The Day That Dan Kaminsky Saved the Internet

Dark Reading's Kelly Jackson Higgins explains the enormous legacy left behind by Dan Kaminsky and his seminal "Great DNS Vulnerability" talk at Black Hat 2008.

API Security Is the New Black

API security is so hot right now.

War and Geopolitical Conflict: The New Battleground for DDoS Attacks

The effectiveness of attacks largely depends on organizations' distributed denial-of-service defenses.

Adobe, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft Flaws Make Up Half of KEV Catalog

CISA’s Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog has become a valuable repository of vulnerabilities to be patched. A pair of reports analyze the vulnerabilities under attack to understand the kind of threats organizations should be prioritizing.

Beyond the Obvious: The Boldest Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

Dark Reading's panel of security experts deliver a magnum of bubbly hot takes on what 2023 will look like, featuring evil AIs, WWIII, wild workplace soon-to-be-norms, and more.

6 Ways to Protect Your Organization Against LAPSUS$

Businesses need to educate employees the type of social engineering attacks used by hacking group DEV-0537 (LAPSUS$) and strengthen their security posture.

3 Industries, 3 Security Programs

Security leaders from a media corporation, a commercial real estate company, and an automotive technology company share how they address cyber-risk.

Extracting Encrypted Credentials From Common Tools

Attackers are harvesting credentials from compromised systems. Here's how some commonly used tools can enable this.

After the Uber Breach: 3 Questions All CISOs Should Ask Themselves

How CISOs handle the ethical issues around data breaches can make or break their careers. Don't wait until a breach happens to plot the course forward.

New Year's Surprise: Cybersecurity M&A, Funding Activity Snowballs in Q4

Concerns about recessionary trends impacting the cybersecurity sector in 2022 remained largely unfounded in Q4, as investment activity surged after a Q3 slowdown.

Healthcare Providers and Hospitals Under Ransomware's Siege

According to the FBI and Internet Crime Complaint Center, 25% of ransomware complaints involve healthcare providers.