Dark Reading

(ISC)² Launches Entry-Level Cybersecurity Course

Prospective entrants to the sector will receive instruction on fundamental cybersecurity concepts on which they will be evaluated during the new (ISC)² entry-level cybersecurity certification pilot exam.

Preparing for the Next Cybersecurity Epidemic: Deepfakes

Using blockchain, multifactor authentication, or signatures can help boost authentication security and reduce fraud.

Cloud Identity Startup Permiso Launches With $10M Seed

Permiso's co-founders say the No. 1 problem in the cloud is identity, and their platform is designed to tackle the notoriously difficult challenge of monitoring the activity of those identities.

Microsoft Details Recent Damaging Malware Attacks on Ukrainian Organizations

"WhisperGate" malware was used to overwrite Master Boot Record and other files to render systems inoperable at several organizations in Ukraine, Microsoft says.

Researchers Explore Hacking VirusTotal to Find Stolen Credentials

VirusTotal can be used to collect large amounts of credentials without infecting an organization or buying them online, researchers found.

End Users Remain Organizations' Biggest Security Risk

Yet they're showing signs of improvement across several important areas, a Dark Reading survey reveals.

Take 'Urgent' Steps to Secure Systems From Damaging Attacks, CISA Says

CISA issues alert for senior leadership of US organizations amid rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Kaspersky Announces Takedown Service

Service facilitates the removal of malicious and phishing domains.

Kovrr Translates Cyber Risk into Business Impact with its Quantum Platform

On-demand cyber risk quantification platform enables C-suite to prioritize and justify cybersecurity investments through financial quantification.

Europol Shuts Down Popular Cybercriminal VPN Service

VPNLab was used to support criminal activity, including ransomware campaigns and other attacks, Europol officials report.

US Search for Vulnerabilities Drives 10x Increase in Bug Reports

Cross-site scripting and broken access controls continued to be the top classes of vulnerabilities researchers discovered, according to Bugcrowd's annual vulnerability report.

Name That Toon: Nowhere to Hide

Feeling creative? Submit your caption and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.

5 Reasons Why M&A Is the Engine Driving Cybersecurity

Consistent acquisition of key technologies and talent is a proven strategy for growth.

Mastering the Art of Cloud Tagging Using Data Science

Cloud tagging, the process of labeling cloud assets by certain attributes or operational values, can unlock behavioral insights to optimize and automate cyber asset management at scale.

Russia Takes Down REvil Ransomware Operation, Arrests Key Members

Timing of the move has evoked at least some skepticism from security experts about the country's true motives.

The Cybersecurity Measures CTOs Are Actually Implementing

Companies look to multifactor authentication and identity and access management to block attacks, but hedge their bets with disaster recovery.

Maryland Dept. of Health Responds to Ransomware Attack

An attack discovered on Dec. 4, 2021 forced the Maryland Department of Health to take some of its systems offline.

White House Meets With Software Firms and Open Source Orgs on Security

The Log4j vulnerability is only the latest security flaw to have global impact, prompting the Biden administration and software developers to pledge to produce more secure software.

What's Next for Patch Management: Automation

The next five years will bring the widespread use of hyperautomation in patch management. Part 3 of 3.

BlueNoroff Threat Group Targets Cryptocurrency Startups

A series of attacks against small and medium-sized businesses has led to major cryptocurrency losses for the victims.