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Log4j Remediation Rules Now Available for WhiteSource Renovate and Enterprise

The Software Composition Analysis leader now offers a remediation preset for WhiteSource Renovate and Enterprise, enabling users to identify and fix the Log4j vulnerability from hundreds of downstream dependent packages of Log4j.

Palo Alto Networks Appoints Helmut Reisinger to Leadership Team

Reisinger joins as CEO, EMEA and Latin America, to accelerate global growth strategy.

CISOs Plan What to Buy With Funds From the Infrastructure Bill

CISOs welcome the cybersecurity funding allocated under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, but say it’s not perfect because it doesn't address a key issue: people.

Florida's Broward Health Confirms October 2021 Breach

The Oct. 15 breach compromised personal medical information, including history, condition, diagnosis, and medical record number.

Pathr.ai Reaffirms Position as Privacy-Centric Solution for Retailers with Spatial Intelligence Platform

Pathr.ai’s Spatial Intelligence technology is used to improve business outcomes in a variety of retail use cases.

Log4j Highlights Need for Better Handle on Software Dependencies

Security pros say the Log4j vulnerability is another warning call for enterprises to get more disciplined when keeping track of software bills of materials.

Name That Edge Toon: In Your Face!

Come up with a clever caption, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.

Creating the Next Generation of Secure Developers

Helping management prioritize developer education is a tall order, but it's one the industry must figure out.

Adding Resiliency to BGP Avoids Network Outages, Data Loss

Cisco Umbrella has mechanisms in place to ensure that end users don't lose connectivity even if ISPs and service providers experience outages.

Getting Started With Threat-Informed Security Programs

Security leaders need to examine their business model, document risks, and develop a strategic plan to address those risks.

Zero Trust and Access: Protecting the Keys to the Kingdom

Zero trust moves the control pane closer to the defended asset and attempts to tightly direct access and privileges.

In the Fight Against Cybercrime, Takedowns Are Only Temporary

Disrupting access to servers and infrastructure continues to interfere with cybercrime activity, but it's far from a perfect strategy.

Why Cyber Due Diligence Is Essential to the M&A Process

That announcement may feel good, but if your prospective acquisition's cybersecurity levels are substandard, it might be best to hold off.

7 Steps for Navigating a Zero-Trust Journey

Don't think of zero trust as a product. Think of it as "how you actually practice security."

How Do I Reduce the Risk of An Insider Threat?

The principle of least level of access gives employees just the privileges they need to do their jobs. Limiting what an employee can do is a core tenet of Zero Trust.

The CISO as Sustaining Force: Helping Infosec Staff Beat Burnout

To protect their staffers, leaders should focus on identifying and alleviating root causes of burnout.

6 Security-Tech Innovations We're Excited to See in 2022

The details on cybersecurity technologies that we expect to advance rapidly in the coming year.

Log4j: A CISO's Practical Advice

Working together is going to make getting through this problem a lot easier.

The Future of Work Has Changed, and Your Security Mindset Needs to Follow

VPNs have become a vulnerability that puts organizations at risk of cyberattacks.

7 of the Most Impactful Cybersecurity Incidents of 2021

There was a lot to learn from breaches, vulnerabilities, and attacks this year.