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Video Walls (Part 3)

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Video wall architecture varies depending on manufacturer and operational requirements. There are two basic categories of video walls, hardware-based or software-based, that determine the needed components to make the wall run smoothly. For example, software-based architectures rely heavily on the processors on board to perform the heavy lifting related to dynamic switching and control of the inputs so these systems require very high end servers. The location of the electronic components that make up the video wall is also an important consideration for service, maintenance, noise, power, cooling, and other reasons so the type of wall used will determine where the components are located.

Video wall components are divided into the equipment that controls the wall and the equipment the physically makes up the visual display. With software-based solutions that control the wall via Internet Protocol (IP) communication paths, the server isn’t necessarily in close proximity to the video wall. Hardware-based solutions typically have the control and display equipment in close proximity to the video wall. For these and other reasons, the location of the equipment needs to be considered prior to determining which video wall architecture is best suited for the respective environment.

Many video wall systems are cumbersome to maintain due to the difficulty of physically accessing the electronic equipment for service. During the service time, the wall’s operation is disrupted since the technicians are in the way while repairing or maintaining the system. Orion Security Solutions is proud to offer a unique video wall solution that solves this problem. With our solutions, the electronic components that require routine service and maintenance are removed from the physical monitors and located in a standalone rack that can be located in a different room with proper environmental control. Customers love our video wall design since it removes noise from the operating environment, eliminates extensive heat generation, incorporates redundant power supplies, and provides front facing access to the components for easy service and maintenance. Contact us today for more information.

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Sean Crain is founder and CEO of Orion Security Solutions (OSS). Prior to starting OSS, Sean spent over eight years with the U.S. Department of State as a Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Officer working in nearly 40 countries on 6 continents around the world including Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Switzerland, Indonesia, Australia, Cambodia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Brazil, Peru, and Columbia.

He received advanced training in the techniques and methodologies of counter intelligence and anti-terrorism in order to carry out responsibilities which included designing, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art security solutions to protect national security information, U.S Embassies and other sensitive U.S. facilities, and diplomatic personnel, including U.S. Presidents and Secretaries of State. Sean was also called upon to design and implement security protocols and systems which included video surveillance, intruder detection, access controls, locks, perimeter security, and assessments. He also played an integral role in writing the U.S. Department of State security policies for post communications centers, controlled access areas, and building management systems in U.S. Embassies, U.S. Consulates, and inter-agency facilities worldwide.