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Storage Solutions

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We live in the digital information age and this brings a common question across industries regarding what data storage solutions are most efficient and secure. Storage solutions have evolved so much over the last few decades and they are continually improving. With high definition video and other large data files, engineers are constantly researching and developing storage solutions that allow users to store more information on less resources. One of the keys to accomplishing this is compression technology along with more efficient storage solutions.

It is amazing how fast older storage solutions become obsolete. The days of the 5 ¼” floppy drive, 3.5” disk, and even CD/DVD are in the distant past with regards to storage solutions that are still supported. It was surprising a year or so ago when many laptop computers were released without CD/DVD ROM drives. This demonstrates that storage solutions evolve on the consumer side, such as laptop computers, in addition to enterprise solutions found in data centers.

For enterprise architectures, storage solutions come in many varieties. Some of the enterprise storage solutions are vast and scalable and others have limitations and find themselves unsustainable as the storage needs grow. Along with archiving information on the storage array solutions, accessibility is also important so many improvements have been made on data queries. Finally, storage solutions are susceptible to damage, which results in data loss, so many developments have addressed this issue and offer high availability and reliability to data storage.

Please join us next week here at The Oto further investigate data storage solutions.

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