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National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA)

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Orion Security Solutions sent two executives and 2 of our sales team to the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) trade show in San Diego, CA. The NIGA show featured many new items and offerings for the gaming industry and showcased many educational seminars related to managing and operating casinos. One of the other hot topics discussed at NIGA was online gaming. NIGA brought experts in to discuss the pros and cons of online gaming and some of the challenges that states have in getting it approved. Two states have already received permission and are operating online gaming sites, but have difficulties that have to be addressed if the endeavor is going to be successful.

Tribes from all across the country met at NIGA to exchange ideas related to increasing customer satisfaction and their gaming experience in addition to the normal management and operations conversations. NIGA provides an effective platform to get everyone together to share ideas and lessons learned since the representatives are normally scattered across the country. NIGA also sponsors many social events that bring everyone together in forums that facilitate side bar conversations and relationship building experiences. Overall the NIGA show was a great success and gave OSS a chance to make new relationships and maintain existing ones.

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