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Fence Intrusion Sensors (Part 2)

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One issue with fence intrusion sensor systems is that they can be bypassed by finding ways to get over the fence without touching it. The fence intrusion sensors are typically visible and easily identifiable. This provides a deterrent, but also provides an intruder with a good idea of how they need to bypass the fence intrusion sensor system. Another issue is the susceptibility of the fence intrusion sensor systems to denial of service attacks. In this scenario, attackers simply disturb the fence intrusion sensors to create false alarms and continue until the security guards or law enforcement personnel stop responding. With this in mind, how do you mitigate these vulnerabilities and increase fence intrusion system efficacy?

Fence intrusion sensors are most effectively deployed as a part of a more comprehensive intrusion detection system. For example, a common and solid design would include the fence intrusion sensor system working in conjunction with a microwave/infrared beam set on the interior of the fence line. This architecture provides added security against people trying to climb over or bypass the fence intrusion detection system. Other options to augment fence intrusion systems are underground seismic systems.

Fence intrusion sensor systems provide the best return on investment when deployed as a part of a layered system and work well as a perimeter, outer-zone alert system. Many considerations should be considered when determining the best technical solution for a given application since there are various options. Weather, system functionality, and capability must be discussed prior to recommending a solution and then, of course, budget normally is considered. When deployed properly, fence intrusion detection systems are very effective.

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He received advanced training in the techniques and methodologies of counter intelligence and anti-terrorism in order to carry out responsibilities which included designing, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art security solutions to protect national security information, U.S Embassies and other sensitive U.S. facilities, and diplomatic personnel, including U.S. Presidents and Secretaries of State. Sean was also called upon to design and implement security protocols and systems which included video surveillance, intruder detection, access controls, locks, perimeter security, and assessments. He also played an integral role in writing the U.S. Department of State security policies for post communications centers, controlled access areas, and building management systems in U.S. Embassies, U.S. Consulates, and inter-agency facilities worldwide.