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Fence Intrusion Sensors

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How would you like to detect intruders before they end up at your door or window? Well, you can! Fence intrusion sensors are now more affordable than ever and have improved technologies that don’t constantly send false alarms due to wind, rain, or other environmental influences. Recent fence intrusion sensor technologies can distinguish between disruptions caused by the environment and someone climbing over or cutting through the fence. Customers have been waiting for fence intrusion sensor technology to improve and we feel it has made tremendous progress.

There are numerous types of fence intrusion sensors. Many fence intrusion sensors are based on fiber optic infrastructure and technology while others use modified coaxial cables and other solutions. The right fence detection sensor solution for a particular application depends on functional requirements, budget, and environmental conditions. The difference between fence intrusion sensors and products such as beam sets is that these intrusion sensors actually mount directly to the fence. Once attached, the fence intrusion sensors detect movements and determine if the event is caused by a person or not. Upon verification, the fence intrusion system will send an alarm to a panel and initiate a response.

Fence intrusion sensors can be very expensive, but they don’t have to be. Some of the fence intrusion sensor systems are able to detect an intrusion within 10 feet, while others might have a single detection zone that covers 600 feet. Depending on the location, environment, and system requirements, the various fence intrusion sensor technologies are useful for different applications. For example, if training a pan/tilt/zoom camera to slew to the area of detection is a requirement, then the more sophisticated fence intrusion systems would be better since they are more definitive on the location.

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