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Video Surveillance

Orion Security Solutions (OSS) offers a full line of advanced video surveillance products and services. Our video recording products are the central most important component of our elite systems and are what distinguishes OSS systems from all competitive products. All OSS video recording products use the industry’s most elite H.264SVC compression technology. The greatest advantage of the advanced H.264SVC technology-based systems is the quality and clarity we achieve with our recorded video. Without clear, intelligible recorded video, a surveillance system is worth little.Video Surveillance

Given that the quality of recorded video and the associated analytical capabilities of the surveillance system are the most important attributes that define surveillance excellence, it is only logical that such care has been given in the design and development of our recorders.

With all of our DVRs, all analog video is digitized making the recorded files available for easy transfer, storage, and review. Our DVRs are also able to record IP cameras along with the analog feeds in the same machine. Whether you are looking to install new cameras or want to upgrade your recording and analytical capability using your existing cameras, OSS recorders will surpass your expectations.

For more information please visit the Video Surveillance Frequently Asked Questions section.