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Network Structured Cabling

Bicsi Corporate MemberCable infrastructure is an important part of any technical system installation. Information technology (IT) systems are a prime example of systems that require a great deal of cable. In most cases, this is referred to as network structured cabling. Network structured cabling includes all the necessary cable runs from the IT closets, where the network switches and other network appliances are installed, to the wall jacks that are conveniently located for connecting the end devices to the network.

A lot of cable is normally required to support all the computers, printers, and other network appliances throughout an office building. You can imagine, and have probably witnessed, how fast an unprofessional installation can get sloppy, disorganized, and begin looking like someone just threw it together. Many of these installations don’t have a logical cable labeling system which creates a tremendous headache for anyone tasked to maintain the network. This is where the art of network structured cabling becomes apparent.

Orion Security Solutions regularly performs professional network structured cabling installations. A quick visual inspection of professional network structured cabling installations shows the value of investing in this service rather than attempting to do it with internal staff. Many of us have been in IT closets and seen network cable hanging randomly throughout the room and across the floor. Many of us have also seen properly installed network structured cabling projects that use cable management, labels, patch panels, and other accessories that neatly organize and centralize the cable to ensure ease of use and maintenance.

A neat network structured cabling project begins at the planning phase. These projects should be conceptually completed before any cable is actually run (installed) to ensure organization and proper attention to detail. Many decisions such as cable color, types of racks and panels, use of cable management accessories, label styles, and layout need to be made prior to beginning the installation. For this reason, Orion Security Solutions provides written descriptions of the conceived project plan for customer approval in the initial stages of the project and then passes it to the installation teams to ensure continuity throughout project.

It will usually cost a little more money to hire an expert installation company for the network structured cabling projects, but the system will cost less to maintain and will perform better if properly done. Inadvertently disconnecting network devices as you walk across a maze of wires, disconnecting the wrong device and not being able to identify where it should be connected, and spending endless hours trying to figure out where unidentified cables go are just a few of the problems that can be eliminated with a professional installation. There is a cost to each mistake that adds to the cost of ownership of the system. Eliminating these expenses will provide a nice return on the investment of the initial install. There is no reasonable substitute for a neat and organized network structured cabling installation. Call Orion Security Solutions today for a free estimate on installing a new structured cabling project or renovating an existing cabling infrastructure that needs to be redone and properly organized.