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OSS Transportation Screening

OSS Transportation Screening

The transportation industry continues to grow as the need for goods increases. The transportation industry encompasses Trucking, Aviation and Railway organization and reaches into almost all other industries. Organizations such as Energy, Retail, Food & Beverage, and Manufacturing have begun building their own fleets to move their goods as markets to continue to expand.


  • Organizations who either are considered transportation companies or who simply have one transportation employee are required by law to maintain a strict screening policy and program.
  • The required screening components vary by transportation responsibilities.
  • Transportation professionals must renew their qualification file annually.

With today’s growing economy, organizations are constantly looking for more efficient and cost-effective solutions for doing business. Although freight lines employ a great number of transportation specialists, many organizations in other industries now own and operate their own fleet. The FMCSA designates employers of CDL specialists must abide by the policies set forth regardless of the employers size or principle business. Orion Security Solutions' expert knowledge of the transportation regulations, sample policies, compliance issues, and experience with various industry partners, ensure your organization remains within all guidelines.

Based on the type of material you transport or the method of transport determines the required components of screening. Orion Security Solutions understands the differences between these requirements and assists you in setting up best practices no matter what or how you are transporting.

ShieldWatch, our proprietary monitoring and qualification program, assists you in keeping up with the annual renewal of all your transportation employment files according to the federal and state guidelines.

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