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OSS Healthcare Screening

OSS Healthcare Screening

The healthcare industry has expanded its reach within our communities over the last twenty years, making it an important part of our daily lives. Advancements in medication technology, increased medical education programs, and the recent move to reform insurance coverage for employees means the demand for qualified professionals has only increased.


  • The Healthcare industry is heavily regulated by state and federal government.
  • Healthcare professionals have access to some of the most vulnerable of populations.
  • Healthcare professionals many times require renewal of annual certifications.

Unlike other areas of employment, the healthcare industry’s relationship with the Federal Government is highly complex and fully regulated. Access to controlled narcotics and participation in programs subsidized by government funding means healthcare professional must remain in good standing and be monitored by government agencies. Allowing banned individuals to work in your organization can often lead to being dismissed from participation in any government program.

Our most vulnerable people, the elderly and infirm, must rely on outside care when recovering from illness or injury, or simply operating in their day-to-day lives. It is important for healthcare providers to thoroughly check their employees to ensure their patients remain protected.

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