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OSS Employment Screening

OSS Employment Screening

In recent years, the employment landscape has changed dramatically. An increasingly unpredictable economy coupled with the rise in identity theft, workplace violence, and government scrutiny on employment practices has prompted organization to develop a new approach to applicant screening. As employment opportunities become more competitive, HR Professionals must now evaluate a candidate’s history more closely to ensure they are the most qualified applicant.


  • Data is more easily accessed today than it was in the past.
  • Companies without background screening are vulnerable to theft, workplace violence and high turnover.
  • Negligent hiring lawsuits result in high dollar settlements.
  • A company’s success relies on a stable workforce.

Approximately 60% of all government agencies, including state and local courts, offer digital access to screening data. This advancement in technology reduces turnaround times and increases access to critical data during the hiring process. While technology helps organizations make smarter employment decisions, it also creates new vulnerability in the workplace. Companies not utilizing in-depth background screening are hot targets for online websites which promote these organizations to felons, sex offenders and other criminals.

Creating a successful company starts by hiring well qualified employees that remain invested in your company and philosophy. Background screening helps reduce employee turnover by identifying uniquely qualified candidates for you.

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