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OSS Contractor Compliance Screening

OSS Contractor Compliance Screening

Contract workers currently represent a substantial portion of the U.S. workforce. Nearly four out of five employers in establishments of all sizes and industries use some form of contractor or non-traditional staffing. Today, many employers who background screen their employees do not have a program in place for contractors or non-traditional staff.


  • Globalization has had a large impact on the growth of using contingent labor.
  • Technology advancements simplify the process for employers to monitor compliance with screening policies.
  • The changing workplace has created the need for organizations to be more agile while responding to evolving workforce needs.

Globalization contributes to rapid growth in industries, increased outsourcing and a need for flexibility to remain competitive. By engaging contract workers, organizations save costs and utilize professional expertise on a per project basis. Due to this rapid growth of contingent workers, inconsistencies with HR policies between employers vs. contract laborers expose the organization to greater risks and compliance issues.

ShieldWATCH, Orion Security Solutions' proprietary contractor compliance management platform, provides programs that drive compliance of your contingent workforce while assisting them with varying policy requirements. Regardless of industry, the ShieldWATCH platform provides consolidated tools for implementing and maintaining compliance.

Contingent labor acts as a variable workforce for companies to select from to perform specific projects or complete specialized tasks. Since these positions are a revolving door within the organization, cost-effective and on-demand placement of qualified contractors. Shield’s contractor compliance program provides a means for contractors to screen and certify themselves while verifying policy compliance for employers.

ShieldWATCH mitigates risk, increases worksite safety, enhances hiring processes and improves productivity.

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