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System Sustainment Programs

2014 OSS Maintenance & Service CatalogOrion Security Solutions (OSS) is pleased to formally announce our suite of System Sustainment Programs that are designed to offer our existing and new customers a flexible group of options to meet their needs and budgets. OSS can customize any program. Our System Sustainment Programs found in this catalog are structured and comprehensive. All of our Program Members receive elite service.

OSS prides itself in providing the industry's elite service and support for new and existing customers. OSS offers exceptional service for customers who install our products and solutions, as well as those who need assistance maintaining systems that were provided by our competitors. Our existing customers are witnesses that no one in the industry responds faster or resolves issues more efficiently than OSS. We look forward to serving you.

OSS emphasizes our dedication to providing the ultimate support experience for our Members by removing the frustrations that are normally associated with maintenance and service. Time is critical. OSS minimizes system downtime by maintaining a well-stocked surplus of replacement parts in our local offices. OSS also maintains a significant stock of equipment in our service vehicles to facilitate repairs and additions while our technicians are on site.

OSS strongly believes in protecting our client's investments. Technical security, surveillance, and network systems are no different than other technology-based systems in that they need to be properly maintained to ensure efficient functionality, increase the life expectancy of the equipment, and prevent system malfunctions. While many companies emphasize the initial system sale and then are hard to reach for service, OSS's philosophy is that our relationship with each client will be determined by the quality of support we provide after the initial installation. OSS understands it is in everyone's best interest to have cost effective System Sustainment Programs in place and to execute them flawlessly.


Orion Security Solutions (OSS) specializes in providing elite technical and physical security solutions for customers with needs ranging from simple to complex scenarios. OSS experts gained their unique knowledge and skills by designing, integrating, and maintaining security systems for critical infrastructure including U.S. Embassies, U.S. Consulates, sensitive U.S. government facilities, military bases, military hospitals, and many other similar sites on 6 of the 7 continents. Additionally, some of the OSS experts were heavily involved with planning and implementing technical security solutions and protocols to protect VIPs during trips to foreign countries including Presidents of the United States, U.S. Secretaries of State and U.S. Ambassadors. Our unique field of expertise combined with our successes in consulting, design, and security assessments for the world’s elite define our unique expertise and set us apart from our competitors.

OSS is positioned to respond to any security need in any industry with an array of capabilities including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, perimeter defense, GPS tracking, IT security, key control, and monitoring solutions. We routinely deploy our experts to share their knowledge when called upon to perform design, consulting, assessment, and training functions for clients of all types and sizes. OSS is one of the few companies to provide such a wide breadth of specialized security options and solutions.

OSS also provides several non-security related services for our clients to give them a one-stop-shop for many low voltage and communication needs. We perform turnkey structured cabling installations for IT networks, infrastructure installation for telephone systems, end to end wireless communication solutions, 2-way radio systems, audio/visual systems, and many similar services. Our vast service capabilities give our clients the peace of mind they deserve in knowing that their trusted solution provider will take care of all their security and low voltage needs.

OSS prides itself in indefinitely maintaining quality relationships with our clients. Our unmatched service and workmanship are models for the industry and have resulted in gaining tremendous confidence and trust from our customers. Our extensive experience working inside the United States and internationally has been instrumental in defining our core principles of Dedication, Honor, and Integrity. Our clients in all our vertical markets, including churches, banks, casinos, correctional institutions, manufacturing and commercial facilities, retail, hospitals, government, and all others, are witnesses of our devotion to these principles.

Orion Security Solutions has quickly become the integrator of choice for maintaining elite security, surveillance, and other low voltage systems. OSS is pleased to provide you the industry’s best service through our various System Sustainment Programs as outlined in this catalog. We have flexible solutions for various types of customer needs and budgets so please let us know which one works best for you.