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Testimonial List

Garry Drake, Director of Surveillance

During their work here the technicians and staff conducted themselves in a professional manner and eagerly answered any questions that we might have had...

Over the last year, Orion Security Solutions has been our primary provider for our Surveillance needs at the Cimarron Casino. They (OSS) undertook a major task of replacing our entire surveillance system, swapping out from one system to the Aventura System during normal operation of the casino.

During their work here the technicians and staff conducted themselves in a professional manner and eagerly answered any questions that we might have had. They were very careful to ensure that the transition from one system to the other was conducted in a smooth manner with as little disruption as possible. Since the install of the equipment, the technicians and staff of Orion Security Solutions has been quick to respond to our questions and needs within the surveillance department, to include the replacing of and or running new cameras within and outside the Casino itself.

I would highly recommend the services that Orion Security Solutions provides to anyone looking to establish or upgrade their security or surveillance system.

Garry Drake, Director of Surveillance
Gaming Commission, Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
Perkins, OK
Director of IT and Security

The job that Orion Security Solutions completed for the Morris State Bank was a pleasant experience to say the least...

The staff was professional and very knowledgeable. If there was a change we wanted, they were flexible and found a way to make things work. The quality of the craftsmanship is top notch. All areas that the job affected were cleaned as if they were never changed.

Orion Security Solutions followed up after the job completion to ensure that everything ran okay and made on-site visits to be certain of the quality of their work first hand. I would recommend Orion Security to anyone who is looking to upgrade or establish their security system.

Director of IT and Security
Morris State Bank
Morris, OK
Director of Video Surveillance

The capabilities of the equipment Orion Security Solutions offers are mind blowing...

I contacted Orion Security in search of something better than our server based system after noticing that they were with Aventura Technologies. The capabilities of the equipment they had to offer blew me away. We were approached by a number of integrators offering other solutions, but we chose Orion Security because of their world class experience and what their equipment has to offer.

I am pleased with the new system and my operators are very happy with the ease of use. I would definitely recommend Aventura Technologies and Orion Security to anyone looking for a quality solution delivered by a first class team.

Director of Video Surveillance
Silver Buffalo Casino
Anadarko, OK
Phillip Smith, Administrator

I first met Sean Crain and the Orion Security crew through observing their work with the Silver Buffalo Casino...

Not long after, a large tornado tore the roof off of my jail. I placed a call into Orion at 11:30 p.m. and their team was organized and in route in less than one hour and worked to assist us all night. I was immediately impressed with their promptness. In addition to responding to our crisis in a rapid fashion, they also loaned us their own personal DVRs. Because they have former diplomatic security officers on staff, this allowed to them to assist us with the evacuation of some of our inmates.

I would recommend Orion Security Solutions to any business in search of a security company that values customer service, knowledgeable staff, and reliable products. Orion Security’s customer service is outstanding, which is why I chose to them to upgrade my entire system. The end result was a clean, thorough, prompt installation that I am extremely pleased with.

Phillip Smith, Administrator
Caddo County Jail
Caddo County, OK
Jae Harkey

Our Surveillance Department was in need of a complete system overhaul…

My Gaming Commissioner gave me the business card of Sean Crain to do some research on OSS as a potential bidder for our installation needs. After spending an extensive amount of time on the OSS website, I knew that we had found the perfect company to match our needs. I was impressed with each of the resumes of the OSS Leadership.

Our installation began in March of 2011. With over 120 existing cameras, miles of cable in use (and abandoned), and over 30 antiquated DVRs to be replaced, I was skeptical that the installation would be as seamless as promised by the OSS team. I was wrong. By the completion of the install we had doubled our camera count and cut our DVR number in half. In addition to running over 10 miles of new Cat 5 to service all of our old and new cameras, the OSS team also removed all of the old cable.

Since the install, we have been able to rely on OSS to be here for service due to power outages, etc. in just a little over the amount of time it takes to travel from their location to ours. Additionally, we have purchased a Preventative Maintenance Package with our system, which has provided us, so far, with three visits from the team to do a complete inspection and cleaning of our system.

Our relationship with OSS seems to be more of a partnership to carry out our mission, than that of vendor/customer relationship.

Jae Harkey
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma
Grove, OK