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OSS Partners

Data Direct Networks

Data Direct Networks - Vendor Data Direct Networks (DDN) is the world leader for Big Computing. For over a decade, DDN has invested heavily in engineering a tightly coupled collection of scale-out storage platforms that are designed with an exacting focus on performance, efficiency and ease-of-use at scale.Data Direct Networks Datasheet

DDN's award winning block and file storage system provides industry-leading levels of storage and performance and density through the Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA). With Web Object Scalar (WOS), DDN breaks through scalability barriers of file storage and enables organizations to build scalable, distributed storage clouds. Infinite Memory Engine (IME) from DDN is designed to harness the power of sever-local flash and NVRAM while featuring advanced algorithms demonstrating file system acceleration by up to 2,000 times. DDN operates directly in over 20 countries and distributes to over 50 countries world-wide. DDN works with Orion Security Solutions to provide the best storage options available to a wide range of customers.

For more information, visit DDN's website or contact Orion Security Solutions for a demonstration.