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Greg Vance

Greg Vance, Orion Security Solutions CFO/Co-Founder

Greg Vance received his degree from Oklahoma State University and has worked for several Fortune 500 Companies, including eleven years for Armstrong World Industries, Inc. and five years for Morgan Stanley.

In 2004, Greg started working for a technology company and played a vital role in several key patent developments along with a management position.  Working with advanced RFID development projects, Mr. Vance helped design, install and implement large security projects.  Mr. Vance has held the position of CFO and COO at several companies before co-founding Orion Security Solutions.  As an entrepreneur, Mr. Vance saw the need for security services on a level that was unavailable in the marketplace and began surrounding the Orion Security Solutions team with the industry's best talent.

Sean Crain, Orion Security Solutions CEO/Co-Founder

Sean Crain

President & CEO

Sean Crain established one of the few companies, Orion Security Solutions (OSS), which possess comprehensive security knowledge in designing, installing, and integrating "layered" security systems.


Mark Lawrence, Senior Vice President of IT Security

Mark Lawrence

Senior VP of IT Security

Mark Lawrence joined Orion Security Solutions as the Senior Vice President of IT Security. Mark will build on Orion Security Solutions "layered" security methodology as more technical security devices are connected to an Internet Protocol network.